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Fort Knox Vault Door (Contact for Pricing and Availability)


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As time goes on, all collections grow. A vault room will give enough secure storage for any collection including guns, personal heirlooms, business and family records, jewelry, photograph and art work. Fort Knox vault doors are designed for easy installation in a custom, walk-in security room. The heavy, fire protected, steel doors can be set in a pre-formed concrete or cement block opening. Your security room with the Inside Release Mechanism, offers safety for your family as well as protection for your valuables. Available in the attractive high gloss centerpiece, that carries many of the same features as our Titan series or the no frills, textured finish for the conservative budget. The inside swing model will compliment your vault as a storm shelter or hide-a-way. Create “Peace of Mind” in knowing your family and other valuables are safe.

The benefits and standard features of a vault door include:

Opening must be 82″ x 40″ or 82″ x 48″

1 3/4″ Reinforced Fire Door.

Quadrafold™ door frame with deep recessed door.

Up to 24 – 1 1/2″ diameter active door locking bolts strategically placed at sides and top of door.

Patented Star Corner Bolts on Executive VD

Bolt Detent.

Patented multi-gear drive, 5 to 1 reduction rack & pinion multi-gear drive locking mechanism.

inside release

EasyGlide™, concealed ball-bearing hinges.

Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings.

Limited lifetime warranty.

5 spoke Clutch Drive spinner handle. (Chrome, Gold or Black handle)

High luster, 4 stage, baked on acrylic urethane metallic finish or textured finish. (executive and in-swing)

Optional carpeted door panel.

Remote Relocker.

Other Popular Options:

Standard Electronic lock

Door rack or holster

Fort Knox Vault Doors are designed to “clamp” around the wall.  Standard wall thickness ranges from 6″ to 12.”  As you order your door, please provide Fort Knox the concrete wall thickness.  We do recommend that the vault doors mount direct to the concrete.

**Curbside Delivery is included on gun safes UNLESS otherwise noted on the product. This DOES NOT include shipping on small items mailed.