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Fort Knox Titan 6637 (Black Cherry Gloss, Dial Lock)

$6,505.00 $6,065.00

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Dimensions: 66.5"H x 37"W x 27"(30"D Overall)

Weight: 1,572 lbs

Fire rating: 90 minutes at 1680*

Gun capacity: 14 Maximum Long Gun

SECURING YOUR POSSESSIONS WITH A HEAVY 3/16″ BODIED VAULT is just where the Titan Vault begins.  Adding the inner steel lining gives you a vault within a vault style security and provides superior protection on a level that only Fort Knox can provide.

Fire Rated at 1680 Degrees for 90 minutes

Right-hand, external hinges 

Standard with door organizer, corner bolts, 3/16 steel body with 10 gauge inner steel liner, and electrical outlet.

14 gun standard silver interior with one top shelves & three side shelves. 

**Prices listed are limited to in-stock safes. Please, call us if you are interested in ordering a safe that we do not have in stock.

**Installation and Bolt Down available for an extra charge.

**Curbside Delivery is included on gun safes UNLESS otherwise noted on the product. This DOES NOT include shipping on small items mailed.