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Fort Knox Distressed Defender 7241 Unique safe!!


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Dimensions: 72.5"H x 41"W x 27"D

Weight: 1,295 lbs

Fire rating: 90 minutes at 1680*

Gun capacity: 26 Long

TAKING A PROTECTOR VAULT AND ADDING THE DURABILITY OF A THICK ZOLATONE FINISH, creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment.  Durability and practicality with the most sizes available only occurs in a Fort Knox Vault.

10 gauge uni-body construction

13 x 1 1/2 Locking Bolts

Hard Bearing Drill plate

Includes: Double Hinged Door, Finial pull handle, Corner Bolts, Lights

Fire Rated 1,680 degrees for 90 minutes

Right hand, EXTERNAL DOUBLE hinges

26 gun standard silver interior cloth with two top shelves and three side shelves

**Prices listed are limited to in-stock safes. Please, call us if you are interested in ordering a safe that we do not have in stock.

**Installation and Bolt Down available for an extra charge.

$5,500.00 Ground Delivered

$5,920.00 In-Home, 0-4 steps

$6,120.00 Basement via Bulkhead or Slope

**Curbside Delivery is included on gun safes UNLESS otherwise noted on the product. This DOES NOT include shipping on small items mailed.