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EM2 6026 Black Gloss Dial Lock (Pick Up Special)


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Dimensions: 60” H x 26” W x 20” D

Weight: 725 lbs

Fire Rating: 50 minutes at 1,450 Degrees

16 gun

Includes Door organizer upgrade

Finally, Eastern Security Safe, Co. has partnered with Fort Knox to deliver an affordable top-tier safe unsurpassed in security. This is the Eastern Security Safe, Co. EM2 Series!

High Gloss Exterior

3/16” Steel Body

3/8” Steel Plate Door

10 Massive 1 ½” Locking Bolts

Inset Door for High Pry Protection

Drill Deflector Bolt Guards

Ball Bearing Hard Plate Lock Protection

Clutch Drive Five Spoke Handle

Group II Dial Lock

Includes: Fluorescent Light, Electrical Outlet, and 12” Dehumidifier Rod

Curbside Delivery: Starting at $2,870

In-Home 0-4 Steps: $3,095

Basement via Bulkhead or Slope: $3,220

**Curbside Delivery is included on gun safes UNLESS otherwise noted on the product. This DOES NOT include shipping on small items mailed.