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Eastern Security Safe, Co. ES-SDS045 Data-Media Fire Safe


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Outside Dimensions: 25"H x 19"W x 20.5"D

Fire Rating: 90 minutes at 1050* 

165 lbs

Electronic Keypad Lock and Key

Media Safes

Your electronic media is vulnerable to excessive heat and moisture, and needs extra temperature protection above and beyond normal safes. A typical fire safe or fire resistant file cabinet keeps temperatures below 350 degrees during fire without regard for humidity. Media safes are designed to keep internal temperatures below 125 degrees and humidity levels below 80% in the event of a fire.

Computer media contains much of our critical information and documentation in this day and age. These storage devices are vulnerable to damage and loss in the event of a fire. Contrary to common belief, most fire resistant file cabinets do not have a high enough level of protection for this sensitive media. Computer media safes, or data safes, are your best bet to secure these types of items. Whether your data is stored on CDs, DVDs, flash drives, hard drives, or magnetic computer tapes, electronic forms of media must be adequately protected from potential damage caused by fire. 

Eastern Security Safe, Co. ES-SDS045 Data-Media Safe

6 Total Bolts - 3 Main Lock Bolts & 2 Stationary Rear Dog Bolts

Remote Relocker System

3" Insulated Body

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