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Browning Home Deluxe HSD12 (See In Stock Models)


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Dimensions: 30"H x 31"W x 22"D          

Overall Weight: 575 lbs 0 oz

For small spaces or just a secure area for your valuables, HSD12 is the perfect choice. Browning ProSteel Home Safes have been designed with the home in mind. Elegant finishes can be chosen to compliment the décor of your home. ¼” thick steel bodies and MAX Locking Bolts combine with honest fire ratings to make them as functional as they are beautiful.

Item Number: 1602200139

Safe Security Rating: UL® RSC Tool Attack

Bolts: 6 (4 Active)

Fire Rating: 110 Minute / 1700°

Locking Bolt Sides: 3 Sides (Top, Left, Right)

Door Type:  ½” Plate

Scene / Graphics:  Metal Plate Logo and Pinstriping

Paint: Gloss

Body Thickness: 3 Gauge

Cubic Feet: 12

Overall Weight: 575 lbs 0 oz

Handle Type: 5-spoke

Interior: Fabric

Lock System: Force Deflector

**Curbside Delivery is included on gun safes UNLESS otherwise noted on the product. This DOES NOT include shipping on small items mailed.